Whats the process of transferring chips to customers

Even though you may be looking for cheap Zynga poker chips for Facebook, it is still important to choose a company that has a proven track record and a number of positive reviews. This will help to reduce the risk that is involved with this kind of transaction.

We bring our facebook poker accounts and customer’s account(yours) to an empty table, and we lose deliberately on purpose and let the buyer win. By this way our chips are transferred to the customers account safely.There are three ways we follow for doing this procedure.

  1. You can give us your facebook email and password, if its feasible for you. We transfer your chips for you instantly.(recomended)
  2. You can add us on facebook and can take chips yourself by joining us from the buddy list. This method takes little longer because after adding buddy it takes several hours to show up as an online buddy.
  3. If you have 10 Million plus chips already in your account, we can transfer you chips using Teamviewer under your watch

How much time will it take to transfer chips after making payment


once you complete the payment of your package, it will hardly take few minutes to transfer pokerchips. we advise to stay in touch with our live chat operator till the transaction is complete.

Are we legit

 There is always a risk when purchasing this kind of product online, particularly because it is not commonly recognized by Facebook or Zynga. Also, some companies that have offered cheap Zynga poker chips online have ended up taking money from people without delivering these chips. In some instances, buyers have found their Facebook or Zynga accounts shut down as a result of transactions that were either illegal or against the terms and conditions of Facebook.

There are now several companies that have a long track record of providing reliable and very affordable Zynga poker chip packages, including zpokerchips.com , which provides live customer support, and delivery within minutes directly to your account. So, if you are struggling to keep up with your friends who are placing big bets, then this is an affordable and easy way to increase your account and keep up with that. so yes, we are completely legit.

No Verification Required

No  verification  proof required for buying with from us. Nor we will ask you for any of your personal information.

Refund Policy

We refund your money only under two parameters. They are:

  1. On your(customer) demand before the chips are  delivered
  2. for any technical issue on our part where we are cannot complete the transfer of chips                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        no refund is provided after the order has been successfully processed and customer has received the chips.

     For any other question that arises in your mind you can contact our online support personnel.